Benefits of Bringing Healthcare Onsite

Tuck WorkWell (TWW) health and wellness clinics are located onsite or near client facilities. This ensures convenient access to health care for employees and other covered lives. With TWW on-site, employees receive immediate medical attention to their injuries and illnesses, which leads to better patient outcomes.

Being in an onsite clinic also helps our clinicians become familiar with client:
- Policies
- Benefit Plans
- Work Environments

For easier coordination of care with employment and schedules.

-"Team Based" Care over "Siloed" Care, Which allows for better care coordination and Advocacy

Being on-site enables close collaboration with client:
- Safety
- Risk
- HR
- Operations
- Claims
- Benefits

It also helps our clinicians get to know the workforce and gain their trust as an advocate, educator, and healthcare provider.

TWW resolves 90%+ of its onsite clinic visits without referring patients off-site. This results in substantial reductions in costs (20-30% of Health Insurance, Occupational Health and Work Comp if those services are selected) by avoiding traditional off-site medical claims. When off-site specialists are necessary, TWW refers to appropriate levels of care, using the client’s preferred clinic providers if necessary.

Decision Support and Access to Care

TWW gives health decision-making support to patients at the moment injuries occur or at the onset of illness. We determine the severity of each case and the best course of action. With this approach, unnecessary treatments, claims, and costs are avoided, while necessary and helpful treatments are obtained right away.

Tuck WorkWell Overview

TWW provides health advocacy and clinical services to improve outcomes, service levels, and access to care, while reducing costs.  We do this through Putting the Employee/Patient First and Transparency in Operations.  We use highly-trained professional staff, evidence-based medicine, and team based care teams to achieve sustained, positive results. We deliver our services with on-site clinics at large client locations and via telemedicine for smaller locations and mobile workers.

Flexibility in Care

Our wide range of treatment, screening, prevention, and safety-related services are available on a standalone basis and in combinations to meet each client’s needs. Our scope of services includes occupational health, primary care, wellness Care, and workers’ compensation services.

We also assist clients in meeting federal and state regulatory requirements for reporting injuries, monitoring fitness for duty and workplace hazards, and safeguarding the confidentiality of personal health information.

Last, and certainly not least, we work with your claims data and population to ensure we are creating a model to meet your needs and goals.

Our People

TWW is a team of talented and caring health, safety, and technology professionals. We have relevant training, experience, and credentials. We also have integrity, a solid work ethic, good communication skills, and the ability to work both individually and as part of a team that includes our clients.

Our clinical staff includes physicians, physician assistants, nurse practioners, chiropractors, and health coaches.

Our trailblazing, patient-centered*, Team-based advocacy^ model sets us apart and makes us leaders in the field.

*Patient centered collaborative care
What sets us apart from the other groups in this space is our extreme focus on a Value Based Care (VBC) model that is rooted in patient advocacy for the employee patient. We concern ourselves with establishing great proactive and wellness initiatives, providing top-notch primary care, and when needed, getting employee patients back to work as efficiently and effectively as possible-while not compromising on our standards of care. Best Practices and Excellent Care Standard for less as the employee patient goals in health and wellness are met creating a better quality of life and more productive employees.

^True patient advocates
Sustaining Best Practices in Healthcare by Exceeding patient expectations by providing excellent care with great outcomes in a friendly environment that is both cost effective to the patient and practitioner.